Language logistics & L10N-Localization- Simple. Efficient. High End.

lintr is a management system for the collaborative management of localization and release processes. It can be used across different platforms and enables a visually supported and context-based assessment of translations (L10N). The logistical handling of multilingual projects get´s a breeze.

Application scenarios for ...

Large businesses

As a corporate solution, Lintr scores with features such as auditing acceptability, the ability to deal with several projects and hierarchic user management. Thanks to its open architecture, the system can be integrated into virtually any system landscape. Lintr offers many advantages particularly for organizations with international branches.


As a solution for agencies, Lintr offers a strong backbone for dealing with localization projects The customer’s project managers can be integrated as reviewers or readers and are given access to a professional infrastructure for approval. For this purpose, the system can be fully customized and adapted to the corporate design of the agency.

Web developers

Web developers for multilingual websites are familiar with this problem: with so many lists it is difficult to recognize which part of the text belongs on which position when localizing. Lintr can help: it maps your website and thus establishes a clear structure. Finally, Lintr enables a simple adoption of placeholder keys for programming – without any typing.

Translation agencies

Translation agencies profit from Lintr's strong import and export features. Thanks to web-based allocation, customers such as internationally networked companies can be professionally integrated into the localization process along with their agencies and other service providers.

E-commerce managers

Autumn special? Product update? In 40 countries? How far along are the translations? And the releases? Spain has more corrections and Japan has sent comments on the product texts. All at the same time. No problem. It can all go straight into the CMS ...

Website operators

Operators of multilingual websites love Lintr for its simple approach to a complex topic: translations that are geared to market requirements are the key to good localization. Lintr makes it easy, quick and secure!

3rd party solution provider

Lintr's adaptability with respect to data imports and exports means that virtually any other system can be incorporated. These can be content management, PIM or DAM systems as well as print publishing tools, translation software and many others.

Localization consultants

For localization consultants, Lintr is a diverse solution that can be flexibly and individually integrated into existing infrastructure. New tools for new business!

IT managers

With the help of Lintr, IT managers can prepare the necessary structure to fulfil demands from various departments regarding localization projects. Secure, quick and efficient. – L10N-Localization made easy!

Release management & workflows

Login screens

Context-based localization

Import & export options