Features & functions

Localization – Clear & Efficient

Lintr is the web solution for clear and efficient localization and release process. Lintr helps to save resources and is easy on your nerves. More ROI, more quality – more fun!

SasS (Software-as-a-Service)

With the allocation of Lintr as SaaS (Software as a Service) the tool can be used with your personal user data from any workplace and any platform via web browser. The data is transferred securely over an encrypted connection.

Import/export of data & structures

Lintr works with structured data that can be imported and exported, i.e. as CSV, xml or xliff files. The system thus offers the perfect interface to connect to existing solutions such as translation tools, content & product data management systems or e-commerce solutions.

Interface & integration options

The open data structure enables the direct integration into third-party systems such as Adobe AEM6, Typo3 or Drupal. Adobe InDesign and other xml based systems can thus profit from Lintr. Essentially any existing system can be integrated through the open interface architecture.

Roles & user rights management

Not every user should be allowed to alter or view everything. This is why corresponding permissions are imposed using roles and user rights management. Standard roles are: Admin, manager, reviewer, reader.

Save money – only pay for what you need

The price system is flexible and transparent. Monthly costs are calculated based on a system fee and the number of users for each role. Additionally, further projects and system users can be booked flexibly as needed.

Save time with parallelization

With Lintr's help, processes can be parallelized, thereby saving time and money. For example, at the same time as you are programming a website, structured multilingual data can be created based on completed screen designs and existing content.

Inheritance of content & dependencies

Through the inheritance of content from master languages to sub-languages, simple language variations can be created. For example, the language version de-de can be the master for the Swiss version de-ch.

PDF generation on the fly

The integrated PDF generator ensures the output of the PDF file. For example, multilingual instructions or product data sheets can be made available directly onl lintr.

Cutting-edge technology

Lintr is based, among others, on the AngularJS framework, which was developed by Google and enables applications to behave very similarly to desktop software.

Auditing acceptability through versioning

Since all changes and releases can be stored on Lintr, complete traceability is guaranteed. Versioning of all relevant activities thus leads to a high level of auditing acceptability.

Context-based reviews

Do you need to release a translation without being familiar with the context? This is often difficult: does “schwarze Fliege” mean “black fly” or does it mean “black bow tie”? Lintr supplies the context by making visual information available and thus ensures clarity and unambiguity.

Managing multilingual content

Lintr is capable of structurally managing multilingual content and UI elements in all languages, thereby fully maintaining dependencies to a master language. This way international localization and release workflows can be efficiently controlled.

Elimination of technical error sources

Localization processes are often completed using office programs. This naturally leads to many errors since a clear summary suffers when several languages must be manually consolidated. Lintr eliminates all technical error sources, which drastically increases quality, efficiency and reliability.

Lintr speaks UTF-8

Thanks to a consistent application of the international Unicode character set standard UTF-8, Lintr can represent all languages including any additional characters. Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, Danish and English – Lintr speaks them all ...

Consolidated project status

Where are we in the localization and release process? Are the Spaniards finished with the review? By consolidating all releases in one place, the status of a project can always be checked in real time.

Permanent availability

Thanks to high-availability hosting, Lintr is there when it is needed. Around-the-clock – around the world. Particularly an application that is being used internationally across all time zones cannot afford any downtime. Because somebody is always working somewhere ...

Track changes

Changes, additions or deletions of text elements are easily made visible with the track changes function. The manager can thus keep an eye on all revisions or comments from a reviewer and accept or deny them.

Review & release management

With the help of review and release management, changes and individual languages can be accepted or denied fully or partially.

Localization of campaign media

Lintr.net generates campaign advertising media in real-time in any language. Display banners can be created dynamically from the server and immediately made available for downloading. The system generates png, gif, jpg, Adobe Flash © or any formats needed for a stringent campaign communication in all of your markets.

Ghost copies

Individual phrases are often used repeatedly in the same format, i.e. to indicate additives or copyright. Ghost copies can help to prevent redundant items by referencing a new text ID to an already existing one. Comments are not necessarily inherited but can instead be treated separately.